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Salt Water Farm {no. 3}

The three days at Salt Water Farm were centered around preparing and consuming food in a more careful and thoughtful way.  These are a few of my favorite moments and dishes from the farm.  For the final meal, the group learned about making cocktails and created a dessert that I am still telling people about: parmesan shortbread…buttery […]

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Salt Water Farm {no. 2}

The three-day workshops at Salt Water Farm cover a lot of skills – such as bread making, pie making, basic butchery – but Annemarie and Ladleah offer much more than instructions.  They talk about their own personal histories with food, the sharing and consumption of food as a very intimate act, and knowing where your […]

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Salt Water Farm {no. 1}

Some of my favorite moments traveling have occurred when I’ve reached the destination late at night, a little weary from the road and unsure if I should be tired or responding to the cups of coffee consumed along the journey.  Arriving in the night means that I’ll probably wake up and for a split second […]

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I grew up in Lemon Grove, the city with the big lemon monument and “Best Climate on Earth” engraved underneath it.  It was a small house with a large yard – as a kid it felt like it went on for miles.  My parents grew corn, tomatoes, zucchini, beans, radishes, squash and pumpkins.  There was […]

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