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Depachika {Japan no.3}

When I was a kid I went to a rock (and mineral) show.  The thing I remember most from that experience was a long table set with a feast entirely made from polished gems. I was told that in Japan, the depachika (a hybrid of the words for “department store” and “basement”) presents its food like […]

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Nagomi Visit {Japan no.2}

While visiting Denmark for the first time, Megumi Kusunoki was invited into a local family’s home for dinner.  This welcoming experience inspired her to find a way to promote cultural understanding through home cooking, so she founded Nagomi Visit, a non-profit organization that invites locals in Japan to open their homes to people from all over the world […]

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Asakusa {Japan no.1}

If there is one thing I’ve figured out from my trip to Japan, it would be that it’s a place that needs to be revisited.  As a friendly disclaimer, I’ll mention that for a good portion of the time I wasn’t precisely sure what I was looking at, photographing, ordering, saying or eating…and therein lied […]

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From my Rob Brezsny horoscope for the New Year: “When is the last time you did an experiment?  I’m not talking about scientific tests and trials that take place in a laboratory.  I’m referring to real-life experiments, like when you try out an unfamiliar experience to see if it appeals to you…or when you instigate […]

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Fall at The Briarcliff Motel

Back at The Briarcliff Motel – my favorite place out in the Berkshires that I found out about this past summer while shooting at Tanglewood.  This time, I was out there with my friends Victoria, Travis and a 1968 Pontiac Firebird. Blue shirt on Victoria – “The Circle Shirt” from Seawall in Portland, Maine. Richard […]

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