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Asheville, NC

The past few months have been one swirly adventure.  Someone gave me the Q&A 5 Year Journal – which is pretty incredible because now I will remember what art movement best described my mood on a particular day or what superpower I wish I had (and will see how the answer changes over five years).  Of course some of the most interesting questions for me have been about food.  List three foods you ate today?  While visiting friends in Asheville, NC this answer would be: Cheese, x3. Cheese vastly outnumbered all other items in the bag of groceries we brought out to a cabin, so we had some chevre with rosemary stuffed in baked figs and drizzled with honey, brie with bread and fig spread, and parmesan on my favorite simple pasta recipe (the lemon and mint pasta from Sam the Cooking Guy).

Other unforgettable things consumed in Asheville: goat cheese on pecan encrusted fried green tomatoes at Sunny Point Cafe, Muscadine grapes, Cheerwine, and the maple with smoked sea salt drinking chocolate at The French Broad Chocolate Lounge.

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