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Situated in Burlington, L’Andana is inspired by Tuscan cuisine.  Considering how much I love Florence and the surrounding region, I was really looking forward to capturing the mood and flavors of L’Andana at our first shoot.


Recently, I was asked to put into words why I make photographs.  What an incredibly difficult and annoying (but important) question.  Having graduated from SACI where creating an artist statement seemed like something we had to do as often as flossing, I thought this would be easy.  Not the case.  What I finally realized is that when I am collaborating with people to translate their passions and creations into imagery, that is when making photographs makes sense to me.  Being able to document the work in the kitchen of L’Andana is like watching Chef Jamie Mammano and Chef Rob Jean’s passions come to life.


While the kitchen is my favorite place to photograph lately, it is definitely a challenge.  I found this post by Eric Laurits on shooting in a kitchen that made me laugh (so true). 


The dishes all revolve around fresh and simple concepts.  The four cheese fonduta and panna cotta di caramello were outstanding!


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